Elysée Aristide Houndetoungan

Assistant Professor of Economics

Welcome to my Blog!

This blog covers topics related to programming that can be useful in economics, statistic or finance. I created this page because I love programming. The content of this page are either for real projects or just for fun. My favorite software is R but I usually write my codes (for intensive computations) using R and C++ together. I often build R packages for my research papers which develop new methods/models. My latest packages include PartialNetwork (with Vincent Boucher) which aims to estimate peer effect models with partial network data and CDatanet for estimating a count data model with social interactions (this package is related to my job market paper). Before starting research, I was a statistician engineer with high interest in Statistical Analysis Software (SAS). You can find my SAS macros on the developers club and IT Pro website. This blog contains more recent and complete work. You can also visit my GitHub page for more ressources.