About Me

My current research agenda includes topics in theoretical econometrics, social interactions and networks, and health economics.

Specifically, I am studying the inference of multi-stage estimators when regulatory conditions for asymptotic normality are violated. I am also working on new approaches to estimate peer effects that extend beyond linear models, inducing when the network is only partially observed. To make my methods and models more accessible, I often provide R packages that enable practitioners to directly apply these methods to their own data. For more detailed information, please visit my GitHub and Software pages.

From an applied standpoint, my research aims to gain insights into how individuals form their networks and how these networks influence their choice and behaviour. In health economics, I am studying issues related to the quality of health care in Canada.

Apart from research, I have a strong passion for new technology, which has fueled my love for programming. C++ is my favorite language (it is also the most used langage in my research). On the artistic side, I have over 15 years of musical experience. I mainly play Guitar and piano. I also possess skills in musical arrangement.