Elysée Aristide Houndetoungan

PhD in Economics


I am a Ph.D candidate in Economics at the Université Laval. My primary research interests include Econometrics, Social Networks, and Applied Microeconomics. I have a particular interest in econometric methods for networks. I will graduate by spring 2021 and join Cy Cergy Paris University as an Assistant Professor of Economics. I also hold an engineering degree in statistics and economics from ENSAE Dakar.

In my Job market paper, I develop a peer effects models for count data. Peer effects on count data are generally estimated using a linear-in-means model which assumes that the dependent variable is continuous. I show that the counting nature of the dependent variable is important and assuming it is continuous underestimates the peer effects. The model can be used to estimate peer effects on the number of occurrences of an event in a constant period (e.g., the number of cigarettes smoked, the number of times people eat fast food, go to the gym, etc.). In another paper, a joint work with Vincent Boucher, we propose a new method for estimating peer effects by releasing the common assumption that the network is entirely observed or measured without errors. This is better suited to networks constructed from survey data. Lastly, one of my papers (Accepted in Journal of Financial Econometrics) with Arnaud Dufays and Alain Coen, uses a variables selection method to detect relevant changes in the parameters of linear-in-mean autoregressive (AR and ARX) models for time series subject to multiple structural breaks.