Elysée Aristide Houndetoungan

PhD Candidate in Economics at Laval University





1025, Avenue des Sciences-Humaines, Québec (QC) G1V 0A6, Office 2145


I am a Ph.D candidate in Economics at the Université Laval and researcher at CRREP. My primary research interests include Econometrics, Social Networks, and Applied Microeconomics. I have a particular interest in econometric methods for networks. I will graduate by spring 2021 and join Cy Cergy Paris University as an Assistant Professor of Economics in September 2021. I also hold an engineering degree in statistics and economics from ENSAE Dakar.



  • 9 Oct 2020 - I have a new working paper on count data models dealing with social interactions under rational expectations - [paper] [slides] [R package] [vignette]

  • 23 Aug 2020 - My paper "Selective Linear Segmentation For Detecting Relevant Parameter Changes" joint with Arnaud Dufays and Alain Coën is accepted for publication in the Journal of Financial Econometrcs - [paper]

  • 15 Apr 2020 - I have a new working paper joint with Vincent Boucher on the estimation of peer effects with only partial network information - [paper] [R package].

  • 25 Mar 2020 - Vincent Boucher and I build an R package—named PartialNetwork—for estimating Peer Effects Using Partial Network Data - [R package].

  • 10 Oct 2019 - I have a new working paper joint with Arnaud Dufays and Alain Coën on detecting relevant parameter changes in linear model using selective segmentation - [paper].